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Virtual Art Walks: McAllen Creative Incubator

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A big shout out to the McAllen Creative Incubator, located in McAllen, Texas, for this great initiative! The Virtual Art Walks!

These artistic virtual venues, are held once a month, and showcase the talents of their ¨incubator tenants¨, through their YouTube channel.

These are nice compilations of beautiful artwork from almost all art disciplines ( painting, singing, dancing, poetry reading, acting, sculpting, and photography, just to name a few) displayed one after the other for about two hours, which are a balm to the soul and a ray of hope given the challenging times we are through!

Click here to watch their July Virtual Art Walk.

Looking forward to the August Art Walk!


About the Mc Allen Creative Incubator: ¨The McAllen Creative Incubator is a venue that offers low-cost studios for start-up artists. The Incubator is meant to foster the creativity of the tenants and provide emerging artists and organizations with managerial, legal, and technical support. The goal of the McAllen Creative Incubator is to support the continued professional growth of artists in order to enhance the cultural and economic vitality of our local community¨ Source: McAllen Creative Incubator Website.

Background Image by Bryan Garces on Unsplash.


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Resource Updated on: 07/7/2020