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Sugary catering services – NYC

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Here some of  the catering options you´ll soon find in our creative search engine that will make your new normal a lot sweeter :)

Enjoy this preview of sugary options we´ve catered for you:

1) Schmackary's making a variety of cookies with different flavors..

2) Popbar is a frozen dessert and gelato-on-a-stick culinary business. They offer catering services to which you can order varieties from their menu.

3) Empire cakes bake cakes, breakfast pastries, cupcakes, brownies, and more. You have to place your order and give enough time for delivery as well as pick your order preference from their menu.

4) Davey's Ice Cream offers catering service options that have contact-less drop-off delivery. Ordering is simple, and straight forward. With Davey's Ice-cream, there's a lot you can treat yourself with.


Disclaimer: This resource is for information purposes only. The companies are not directly related to MooHub in any way. Always check your resources original website for updated information.  

Resource Updated on Jul 14, 2020