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Cullybuzz Whats Buzzing 7

What's buzzing this week?

An interview made to Rodney Jackson and Marcelo Javier, co-founders and co-artistic directors of San Francisco theater company, on how they've coped through the pandemic and where they see theater heading in this new digital era.

"There are some days, I’ll just be sitting at the piano and staring at the keys for like 15 minutes and then be like I give up. I’m not doing anything today. And I think part of the process is just being OK with that and trying not to get frustrated with yourself " says Marcelo Javier to interviewer Etta Washburn, reflecting on the ups and downs of his creative process during the pandemic.

Visit HOW ONE LOCAL THEATER COMPANY GOT CREATIVE DURING QUARANTINE by Etta Washburn to read the whole interview.

Caution: this material could be both Inspiring and self-reflective if you are a performer of any kind.