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Season 2 episode 8: CullyBuzz Station Holiday Giveaway Bash w/ special guest Vincent the Owl (Highlights) Finale!!

Season 2 EP 08 3

It's the season finale! Listen to find out if you won a prize in our holiday giveaway. The season finale is with our special guest rapper and lyricist, Vincent The Owl.


  • Did you know that "O.W.L" in Vincent The Owl means " Operate With Liquor".
  • Vincent’s Project Block: Projects & Movies
  • Vincent’s advice: Don't over think it, just do you. If you just want to write a rap about how cool of a day you had, you passed the church it looked beautiful, your friend's car is a beautiful car and he strived to have it... rap about it. You don't have to be tough, you don't have to be cool. You can do what you wanna do. If you really pursue, you can make that cool but just do you. There are so many stories out there , just be unique.

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The Dope Million - A unique brand with a dedicated mission to build on community structure and efforts.

Vincent the Owl

Vincent’s favorite lyricist - "Riff Raff"
Vincent’s Resource Center - "Modelo Beer"

Support Shout Out

  • Jersey City, New Jersey (People, Workplaces e.t.c.)

​​ Holiday Raffle Winner
Christopher New York​​

Look out for our next season coming up in SPRING!!!
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