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Season 2 Episode 2: “Social Media Analytics – What’s Hot? What’s Not?” Post Spooky Halloween (Highlights)

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Social media tips on "What's Hot & What's Not" when managing your social media campaigns.

Highlights and Mentions

  • Observe your social media analytics to understand your media reach changes.
  • What's hot for social media management platforms ? - Later, Hootsuite, Planoly.
  • Hashtags - Hot or Not ? (HOT)
  • Tip #1: Promote your own hashtags
  • Sharing personalities - Hot or Not? (HOT)
  • Sharing content via social media - Hot or Not? (HOT)
  • Hashtag overloads in tweets do not increase engagement. The focus should be the quality of the content.

Featured Music:

Artist Social Links

  • Blue Steel
  • Lakesha Nugent
  • Roof

Sponsors and Promos

The PCA Club - A property management platform for home owners and small landlords. Their service also includes emergency maintenance services, 24hrs concierge service and more.

Sanne from Addy & Mark Consulting
- Social Media Analyst

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