It’s the end of the year everyone, we’re truly about to be in that lull season, winter is officially here.  Any ideas on how independents can make extra cash over the winter?  Share your thoughts with Nisha!   
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Hosted/Edited by: Nisha Kumar
Executive Producer/Programmer/Writer: Strong
Assistant Writer: Jesus Navarro
Producer: Strong
Producer: Day Kornegay/Urban Herd Media
Associate Producer: Abegail Cajandig
Mix by: Day Kornegay
Station Highlights & Mentions:  Leonie Djoyi
Featured Music: Still Fly – Revel Day, El Destino – Bassio, Strapt – Pandaraps, El Passos Magicos – Beiba, Director – Stationary, Better Kind of Bitter  – Peachy Pavement, Wanna Know – Tilden Parc, Flux Vortex – Stills Feel Right
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