Season 2 is ending already, Oh my Goodness!! 
We’re ending off with Special Guest Vincent the Owl, and a Holiday Giveaway Bash rolled up into one.  Happy Holidays, see you next Season!
Sponsor:  The Dope Million
Hosted/Edited by: Nisha Kumar
Executive Producer/Programmer/Writer: Strong
Assistant Writer: Jesus Navarro
Producer: Strong
Producer: Day Kornegay/Urban Herd Media
Associate Producer: Abegail Cajandig
Mix by: Day Kornegay
Station Highlights & Mentions:  Leonie Djoyi
Featured Music: Bailas – Blaeker, Duracell – Jontha Links, Curve Ball – Xavy Rusan, Christmas in My Heart – Loving Caliber feat. Mia Pfirrman, Potroast – Vincent the Owl, Data Love – Cospe, Left in the Rain – Loving Calibe, Still Feels Right – Flux Vortex.
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