Hang with our host Nisha Kumar as we play some great indie tunes, recognize more of the holidays coming up, and stay cozy?  The weather is so confusing in our neck of the woods, but we’re still going to cozy it up.  Happy Sunday everyone and don’t over do it for the Holidays, practice social distancing and stay safe!!!
Sponsor:  The Dope Million
Hosted/Edited by: Nisha Kumar
Executive Producer/Programmer/Writer: Strong
Assistant Writer: Jesus Navarro
Producer: Strong
Producer: Day Kornegay/Urban Herd Media
Associate Producer: Abegail Cajandig
Mix by: Day Kornegay
Station Highlights & Mentions:  Leonie Djoyi
Featured Music:  Fed Up – Norman Sann, O Come All Ye Faithful – Gregory David, O Christmas Tree – Dylan Sitts, D.W.B. – Normal Sann, Stockholm – Revel Day, Left in the Rain – Loving Calliber
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