Post Election, Holidays, and the New Year – OH MY!
We are nearing the end of the crazy 2020. We’ve had a pandemic, and election, a major shift in relation to racial awareness and so much more. What do you think 2021 will bring?  Let us know. Come chill with us, share your thoughts, and listen to some indie tunes with the lovely Nisha Kumar.  
Hosted/Edited by: Nisha Kumar
Sponsor:  PCA Club
Executive Producer/Programmer/Writer: Strong
Assistant Writer: Jesus Navarro
Producer: Strong
Producer: Day Kornegay/Urban Herd Media
Associate Producer: Abegail Cajandig
Mix by: Day Kornegay
Station Highlights & Mentions:  Leonie Djoyi
Featured Music:  In Love with Myself – Katnip, Sweet on You – Porter Shields, Kindo Beat Box Special, Richie Rich – NBHD Nick, Paper Cran – Revel Day, Freeze – NBHD Nick, Lottery – Ten Towers, Better Kind of Bitter – Peachy Pavement
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