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Episode 4: Artist More …. Starve Less (Highlights)


Artist More …. Starve Less (AMSL) Highlights

Today’s podcast was about how you can Artist More … Starve Less. See resources, sponsors, and mentions from the show below.


  • - Side B & #2s is brought to you by “Cullybuzz” and Cullybuzz is brought to you by “Moohub (The Creative Movement Hub)”.
  • Moohub is a resource engine for creative professionals to search for any and everything needed to assist you on your journey to creative professional growth.
  • Our overall mission is to provide you with the resources to “Artist More … Starve Less”.


Upcoming in MooHub

Host: What’s new to Moohub and what do we have to look forward to?

Strong: We are working on a lot of things. AMSL “Artist More … Starve Less” are having great stuffs coming up. Shout out to Dana Gambale, a mixed media artist. Our Workplace videos would be coming out soon in the summer. Our search app would be coming out soon so our members would be able to download the app and search. The more you search the more we add.


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