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Episode 3: Creative Zen: Healthcare for Creatives (Resources)

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Creative Zen: Healthcare for Creatives

Healthcare and Mental Resources


Q & A’s

  • What are some physical and/or mental wellness practices that we can implement for free?

We want to share Physical and Mental Wellness resources from the MooHub Team so that this very important question does not go unanswered.

  • Communicate – Talk to a loved one or a friend, or maybe even join an online chat group. We all need to continue to communicate.
  • We like the House Party app, check it out! It’s great!
  • Focal Meditation – Meditate and clear your mind to make way for goals and things you’d like to accomplish in the near future.
  • Set Realistic Goals – set small goals to accomplish each day or each week that are realistic to this environment.
  • Exercise – Practice a free exercise program there are lots on amazon, Netflix, and a variety of other television apps.
  • Say something positive about yourself out loud, and then do the same for someone else.
  • Smile – Because it feels good.


  • Starting a career in the arts can be very difficult but I know many people that wanna be in this industry. How would you suggest a teenager looking to become a singer or dancer, prepare themselves so that they survive in this industry?


Things that I would suggest you do as a teenager to prepare yourself for the competitive creative field.

  • You need to be open minded, kind, non-judgmental, be ready to take on any jobs big or small. Don’t think its beneath you, you would need to work your way up, this would make you humble and teach you how to be a hard worker.
  • Don’t act like you’re better than anyone.
  • Love and respect yourself.
  • Be a role model to young ones looking up to you.
  • Be true to who you are.
  • Find happiness and love within yourself. Don’t rely on others, drugs or alcohol to make you happy. Those things are only temporary fixes that could only have severe consequences in the future.

I believe if you achieve all that I have listed, you would no doubt be successful in whatever you choose to do in the creative field because your mind and your heart is in the right place. Like I said, “Do what you love and money would follow”.

  • What are the resources available to independent contractors for test payment and are there any? Is they anything special in New York or New Jersey for food assistance also are there any resources for mental health home visits or is everything virtual? Lastly, how can people work through issues with energy and security such as paying electric and gas, any programs?
    • Salutations and well wishes. In reference to the state of Illinois.
    • The resources that the state of Illinois to better assist families include the low income, energy and home assistance program. It’s a program developed through Cedar that assists families with heating bills, electric bills etc. Of course there is an extension as it relates to link benefits for food. Various food pantries have been assisting the state as well as telecommunications as it relates to mental health which is a huge piece.


  • Should we even get health insurance right now? It’s very expensive for independence. What are other options?


  • It truly varies according to where you live but more importantly your health so if you’re generally a healthy person and you’re looking for a provider for regular check-ups, to promote preventive health practices and you have already checked into the healthcare market and nothing seems affordable then you may want to opt for an emergency insurance plan. Those are generally cheap and pay out of pocket for your primary care annual visits. There are many doctors office that would work with you for this but again it depends on where you live, the laws pertaining the healthcare and your general overall health. The answer to the question is a little long witted from what we found with assisting our association members with these services.



End Note:

We are encourage creatives to take this time we have in our unexpected environment, to further embrace your talent, skills and individualism.


Don’t let any struggles that you may be going through make you think that you shouldn’t be pursuing your creativity, it is what makes you who you are.


Don’t feel you have put yourself in an AKA normal box if it doesn’t suit you or if you feel struggle in your growth because as Maya Angelou once said “if you’re always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be”.



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Visit for a list of additional health and wellness resources.