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Episode 2: Branding On A Budget (Resources)

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Branding On A Budget


  • How to start a brand financially, motivationally & strategically
    • Figure out / understand your motive of creating the brand (Why).
    • Be financially strategic.
    • Be aware of your social standing.
    • Think long term in your planning.
    • Be innovative with your creation.


  • How to keep up with your brand
    • Don’t be too concerned with your competitors except very necessary.
    • Focus on possibilities and push forward.
    • Focus on your market niche (uniqueness).


  • How to start with branding
    • Figure out why you need to bring the brand to existence.
    • Know who your target market is.
    • Create a name for the brand.
    • Identify the mission of the brand.
    • Determine an identification for the brand i.e. the look of the brand, the feel of the brand. These are in relation to
      • The brand colors.
      • The brand typography.
    • Create a brand tagline.
    • Create a website to contain your brand information.
    • Create a logo for the brand.


  • How to invest a $100 in branding
    • Invest in social media: Leverage to advertise your brand on a digital platform.
    • Get a graphic designer on fiverr to have your logo create at a reasonable cost.
    • Purchase a domain name for your website.
    • Create a website by using a free site creation platform.
    • Look for opportunities to collaborate with other people to ease the spending of much funds.
    • Create business cards which entail all your necessary brand and contact information.


  • The difference between branding & advertising
    • A brand is a series of elements connected to a company such as Company Phrases, Symbols, Slogans, Logos, Colors and more.
    • Advertising comes after a brand identity has been created. Advertisers use the elements of a brand’s identity to communicate with consumers.


  • How to develop value preposition & How to start
    • Identify your personal values and the time taken to accomplish them.


  • How to value yourself
    • Know what is out on the market.
    • Research the value of what people pay for the job you are asked to do or what you offer.
    • Figure out how you want to value yourself based on how long it would take you to accomplish the job as time is essential.


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