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University of Montevallo


The University of Montevallo is an Alabama public university located in Montevallo. The university, which was founded on October 12, 1896, is Alabama's only public liberal arts college and a member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges. The University of Montevallo Historic District, which included 16 buildings on campus, was established in 1979. It was expanded in 1990 to include a total of 75 buildings. It is situated in a rural area of central Alabama.

For those who want a personalized, hands-on education but also want the excitement of a large university experience where you won't get lost in the crowd. University of Montevallo is a place for you to be! 

The University provides scholarships and financial aid to both freshmen and transfer students, with award criteria and amounts varying. Whatever your academic background, there is always the possibility of receiving financial assistance while attending Montevallo.

UM offers undergraduate and graduate students a learner-centered 21st century education informed by their liberal arts identity. They creates a room for; 

  • Inclusion, Diversity and equality
  • UM allows Intellectual and personal growth
  • Civic engagement and social justice
  • Global citizenship and sustainability

If interested in enrolling your course with UM, Visit the website for more information 

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 Resource Updated on 27/05/2022