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Power Technical (PTEC)

 Creative For Profit Making

Power Technical (PTEC) is a Pre-engineering school for Designers, Builders, and Tinkerers.

Anyone interested in studying at PTEC is required to take a character/ethics class every day at PTEC to prepare them to be the most valuable members of their chosen trade.

Enrollment: The only way to become a student at this school is to fill out an online application, which can be found on the school's website.

This is required, and you will be asked to create an account and fill out your application honestly.

Applications can be found on the school's website, and once submitted, you will be placed on the waitlist.


Disclaimer: This resource is for information purposes only. The company is not directly related to CUllyBuzz in any way. Always check your resources' original website for updated information.   

 Resource Updated on 08/08/2022