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Geffen Playhouse

 Performing Arts Resource

Geffen Playhouse is a Nonprofit organization that hosts over 130,000 audiences in the theatre and provides extensive education and community engagement programs for underserved young people and the community at large in the arts.

Geffen Playhouse has a media house that provides podcasting, streaming, blogs, news, social activities and more. 

Education and Community Outreach

Geffen Playhouse has committed to serve the community with outstanding inspirational performances in theater with affordable tickets to everyone including youths. 

The Geffen Playhouse’s education and community programs provide long-term, in-depth access to current and next generation theatergoers and instill a love for theater that will last a lifetime. Provision of opportunities for Learning experiences and theater-making designed in a way that impacts a sense of belonging to the community — with each other, the Geffen Playhouse, and Los Angeles.


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 Resource Updated on 02/02/2022