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Creative Capital Grants Awards

 Emerging artist resource

Are you an artist seeking financial assistance for your innovative ideas? I have some exciting Creative Capital Awards news for you! Don't get hung up on your innovative idea that needs funding. You have the support of Creative Capital.

Creative Capital's mission is to provide assets to help artistic and cultural organizations create new works of lasting significance, present extraordinary exhibitions, stage grand performances, and inspire an ever-growing audience.

Through a national, open call process, Creative Capital provides grants to support the creation of groundbreaking art by innovative and adventurous artists across the country. Grants are distributed through an annual competition open to US citizens, permanent residents, and O-1 visa holders. To be considered, candidates must apply to Creative Capital.

For more informartion click the link to check out how CREATIVE CAPITAL GRANT CYCLE 2023/2024 funding are allocated.

Disclaimer: This resource is for information purposes only. The company is not directly related to CUllyBuzz in any way. Always check your resources' original website for updated information.  


 Resource Updated on 25/05/2022