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Voice Actors - Telecommute


VITICAST is seeking professional actors for an original audio drama series, “Royle Pursuit”. Most actors will carry multiple character roles. To keep our actors safe, as well as open this opportunity to actors located anywhere, actors are required to have access to quality sound recording equipment (see “Submission Requirements” below), so they may work from home.

Note: Since Viticast is 100% audio-based, all adult actors may be considered for any role, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, orientation, gender status, age, or other appearance-based qualities.

If cast, it will be for the first five episodes of the series, and if received well by audiences, may be perpetual in nature, with a new contract for each new set of episodes produced.

Show summary:

Set in San Francisco in 1947, “Royle Pursuit” is a melodramatic period detective dramedy, in which two deputy detectives find themselves caught in a deep, supernatural plot.

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Resource Updated on 08/07/2020